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Eco travelling

Eco travelling – our guide. Read below:


Eco travelling



We’re back with a second episode of essentials for your local travelling. If you want to learn more about campervaning or how to transform your car into dope van, check out the first part of this holiday cycle. Read it here!

Moving on – it’s worth having a reusable bottle; you can choose the color, materials – glass, aluminum and many other options. We won’t discuss particular models, but it’s important they do not contain BPA (what is BPA – check it)

If you want to take it also on the trail – lightweight and durable bottles, e.g. those made of aluminum, will be perfect. Glass is super for everyday use and if we’re not planning mountain trips, we definitely recommend glass – Bink bottles, as they’re  aesthetic and somehow motivate you to consume a lot of water.


Eco travelling

What if you were sleeping in the wild? If you don’t particularly like sleeping in a tent, we ave a great alternative for you – sleeping in a hammock! Trust us – hammocks are ultra comfortable, they gently rock, separate us from the ground and protect us from insects, if we invest in a model with a mosquito net.

It is worth taking care of some insulation – e.g. a primaloft lining or a self-inflating mat. For our part, we can recommend the polish brand Lesovik, which makes great equipment and shares our values.


Eco travelling

Okay – you should wash once in a while. Remember, however, to choose only those that are neutral for the environment. After all, we do not want to poison all the wonderful inhabitants of water reservoirs.

And what are your “must-haves” in your suitcase or backpack during the holidays? :)

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