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Meadow lavender – 3 pcs.

50.00  available on subscription from 45.00  / month

Meadow lavender is 3 tablets set, to prepare cleaning eco-spray for your bathroom. 3 tablets mean 3 bottles of cleaning eco-spray!

One bottle of cleaning spray is enough for about a month.

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Meadow lavender – bathroom

Use our tablets to prepare a bathroom cleaner perfect for cleaning soap scum, limescale or soap stains. Now go ahead! Use it to clean tiles, bathtub or shower. Enjoy the lavender fragrance and your drop you added to the world without plastic!

Each of our packaging is FSC-certified, and thanks to the “One Tree Planted” campaign, you can be sure that we plant more trees than was needed to produce our boxes.

less than 5% anionic agents, Lavandula angustifolia herb oil, linalool, limonene.

Pour 400 ml of lukewarm water into the bottle – just to cover the Släppa logo with water. Drop the tablet in the water and wait for it to dissolve. Ready! Shake it gently and clean up in the spirit of less waste!


Our eco-spray prepared from tablets are 99% natural and biodegradable. We try to keep the ingredients list as short as possible and effective at the same time. Essential oils provide delicate and fresh notes. Scent of our products is subtle and soothing for the senses, not irritating and artificial.

Clean up with joy, enjoy nature scents and your drop, which you add to the world without plastic! #addyourdrop

How to use them?

Easy peasy! 

  1. Pour 400 ml of warm water into the bottle – just enough to cover the Släppa logo. You can also measure 400 ml on a kitchen scale if you are using a bottle of your own.
  2. If you are using Släppa bottles, match the tablet to the color of the inscriptions on the bottle.
  3. Drop one tablet in the bottle and wait for it to dissolve (it’s quick, no worries!), shake well and it’s ready!
  4. One tablet means 400 ml of eco-cleaning spray! Now… screw your cap off the bottle and clean up in the spirit of less waste!
  5. Show us how you do it, and tag #addyourdrop on your profile.

By using our tablets, you create a bathroom eco-spray that is perfect for cleaning deposits, limescale or stains, leaving them clean. Now go ahead! Use it to clean tiles, bathtubs, or showers.