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Our philosophy

Släppa is a project that combines our concern for the environment with social responsibility and good design. We know there is no planet “B”. Time is running out, glaciers are melting down, and our seas and oceans are filled with waves of plastic. This worries us deeply, so we give you a simple solution. Fizzy tablets with eco detergents. All you need is tap water.

Although the world is towards slow life, many of us still do not have time to prepare products for cleaning at home, and yet we do not want to give up caring for the planet. Släppa comes to the rescue – ecological cleaning products, safe for the planet, plastic-free and easy to use!

Eliminating as much plastic as possible from circulation and ethically run business is our main goal. Instead of new bottles every month, one glass set forever and eco fizzy detergent.


Our mission is to reduce environmentally harmful household chemicals production. Providing customers with climate-neutral products, educating, and changing harmful consumer habits is our priority. We re-create what is already known. We think outside the box and give a choice, care about availability – we are leaders of the eco change.

There's a lot to be done!

We’re working on improving our logistics, gain ecological certificates and eliminate plastic from our products in 100%. We’re using as little foil as possible (still recycled). As multi-material packaging is harder to recycle, we did not want to use “paper” sachets with foil inside.

Got an idea? There’s something we could do better, or perhaps you run a start-up with ecological packaging, and we could eliminate plastic entirely? Let us know!

At Släppa, we do listen, we are not afraid to make bold decisions and we’re always open to change for better.

your drop

Our promise

We’re a partner company, and we believe in team work. We may not grow quickly, but we want to be 100% sure that all decisions and doubts are ethical and not driven by a quick profit vision.

Släppa is for people – to make our world better, and that’s not changing. 

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Everyone is welcome at Släppa

No matter what you believe, who you love, what your skin tone is, or how you present yourself. Here is your safe space, because at Släppa we love diversity.

We improve

We listen carefully, discuss, and improve. This is how we see the natural cycle of our products. You have an idea? - Let us know!

Close to nature

We are for the planet, not the other way around. We want to give nature back what's been taken from it. There's nothing more important than saving our planet for future generations.
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