Join the subscription and add your drop to a better world.
We reward you with a 10% discount. For ever!Together we have an impact,
and with you we can do more.

Jesteś tutaj:

always get a 10% discount
no need to queue at the store
fewer shipments = lower carbon footprint
forget about shopping :)
help us plan better and be more ECO
get a group subscription and enjoy free delivery from PLN 200 *
* it's for everyone! :)

Our subscription delivers products selected by you every 1, 2 or 3 months. We are happy you wish to use our products on a regular basis, so we offer you a 10% discount. Once paid, we send the first package right away, and the next – at the frequency of your choice. From now on, forget about shopping, and have your products delivered at your door – easy peasy!

Remember  – each of these periods is a separate subscription. If you order some products with a monthly renewal and other products with a 3-month renewal, shipping discounts will be applied separately. It’s like ordering Netflix with a monthly payment, and HBO every three months :)

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