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Ecological cleaning products – innovative solution.

Why should you use ecological cleaning agents, and what are their benefits?

Having a clean house is incredibly important for our health and well-being. However, in our daily cleaning routines, it’s worth considering not only the cleanliness of our living spaces but also the impact on the environment. Ecological cleaning agents are an excellent solution that allows us to maintain a spotless home while minimizing our negative impact on the planet, so keep reading to get the answers.

Ecological cleaning products - innovative solution for your home


What are Ecological Cleaning Agents?

Cleaning eco-agents are products designed to minimize their impact on the environment, that’s why they’re composed of plant-based ingredients, biodegradable components, and are free from harmful chemicals. In our product range, you will find a wide selection of ecological cleaning agents, such as:

  1. Bathroom Cleaning Tablets: Check the product
  2. Kitchen Cleaning Tablets: Check the product
  3. Glass and Window Cleaning Tablets: Check the product
  4. Home Cleaning Kit: Check the product


What are cleaning products in general?

Cleaning agents include all the preparations and tools that help us maintain cleanliness and order in our surroundings. In traditional approaches, these can be chemical substances, which unfortunately have a negative impact on the environment. However, there is a much better alternative – ecological cleaning agents. All of our products are examples of ecological cleaning agents that excel in removing dirt while ensuring maximum protection for the environment.


How to Use Ecological Cleaning Agents?

The great advantage of ecological cleaning agents is that you don’t have to prepare them yourself. Just choose our cleaning tabs, which will meet your expectations in terms of effectiveness and environmental friendliness. Our cleaning tablets are easy to use – simply dissolve them in water and apply to the surface you want to clean. This way, you save time and minimize waste.

Types and Applications of Ecological Cleaning Agents

Ecological cleaning agents can be used for various purposes, and our products are specifically tailored to different surfaces.

  1. Bathroom Cleaning Tablets are great for removing limescale, deposits, and dirt from bathroom surfaces, leaving a pleasant, fresh scent.
  2. Kitchen Cleaning Tablets are ideal for cleaning kitchen surfaces such as countertops, sinks, and stovetops. They effectively remove grease and dirt.
  3. Glass and Window Cleaning Tablets allow for easy and streak-free cleaning of glass surfaces.
  4. Home Cleaning Kit is a comprehensive solution that includes all the necessary tablets for various surfaces in your home.



Ecological cleaning agents are an excellent choice for anyone who wants to maintain a clean home and respect the environment. By choosing Släppa, you can be sure their effectiveness, quality, and care for the planet. Check out our offer and try our ecological cleaning agents today!


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