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Travel ecologically

How to travel ecologically? Locally!


We’ve just reached the middle of vacation! Some has already returned from foreign travels, others are just hunting for the best offer. There is no need to lie the current economic situation, increasing loan rates and inflation have made many of us decide to give up traveling – at least for a while.

As absurd as it sounds – it has its good points. Airplanes travelling generates huge carbon footprint! We are far from judging others who use this kind of transport occasionally. We have a slightly different opinion on the boards of the largest companies, multi-millionaires or flying sportsmen, where our hearts desires with their jets, but this is not what this entry is supposed to be about!


What can we do if we decide to stay home? The answer is simple local travelling.

ekologiczny sposób na wakacje



We discovered this way of sightseeing at the beginning of the pandemic. Flights were cancelled and we were in no hurry to stay in crowded places such as airports or large hotels. A camper or its alternative came to the rescue – a body for a passenger car transforming it into a tourist car!

ekologiczny sposób na wakacje


For sure, each of us has heard about how beautiful Masuria, Kashubia and Pieniny are – these are obvious destinations worth checking out, but we also encourage you to look for beautiful places close to your home. Sometimes, within a radius of less than 50 km, we can find a beautiful forest, lake or river, where we can spend wonderful moments close to nature. Believe us – falling asleep under the open sky relaxes like nothing else, and the further we are from the city and light pollution, the more our sleep improves.


Okay, but where to start and travel ecologically?

ekologiczny sposób na wakacje


Camper – there are many rental companies of this type of vehicles – from our experience we recommend campervans the most – they are slightly smaller than traditional campers, they are usually based on vans such as VW Transporter or Toyota – they have fewer amenities but are easier to drive and are treated in many places they are like an ordinary passenger car – which will be a big plus if you decide to go somewhere further! Dolomites in a campervan? Fairy tale – we encourage you the most!


What if we already have our own car and we like this lifestyle?


ekologiczne podróżowanie


The answer comes from the Polish company ESCAPE VANS, which offers great car bodies! Not only are they beautiful and smell like wood, but they also transform ordinary cars into real adventure vehicles. Thanks to such buildings, we can sleep in the car, prepare meals on the stove, take a quick shower or wash dishes, and even cool drinks for an evening bonfire. Everything is produced in Poland by great enthusiasts with great attention to details.


Trust us – each element of this development has been thoroughly thought out and designed to make the most of every space. The great advantage of this solution is also the fact that the superstructure is easy to assemble and disassemble. Two people will do it in max. 15 minutes. After removing the chest, we use the civil car again!


Coffee at the station? Take care of your mug!

It may be a small thing, but having your own cup saves you unnecessary rubbish each time. Additionally – can your own mug be in our favorite color or size? Surely, a great tourist solution (and not only) are Stojo cups – these fold like a harmonica – so they take up little space in transport and fit practically everywhere.


If you prefer something with thermal insulation – our choice are Kinto thermoses – beautiful design and great properties make us use our thermoses for years. For fans of a more joyful design, we recommend the great KeepCup cups – they are beautiful and, depending on the version, keep you warm or not :) Other of our tips how to live less waste can be found here.

eko podróże

That’s it in this episode – in the next episode, we’ll talk about the coolest form of sleeping in the wild, we’ll also talk about cosmetics and food tips!

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